About The POLG Foundation

The POLG Foundation was created in early 2021 by Robert and Julie de Luxembourg and their son, Frederik de Nassau. In July 2016, Frederik was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease, a severe genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, in turn causing multiple organ dysfunction and failure. Frederik’s particular disease is due to mutations in the POLG gene. It is as if Frederik has a faulty battery that never fully recharges and is in a constant state of depletion.

Of all mitochondrial diseases, the adolescent onset of PolG disorders is among the cruellest, for at the very moment when young people should be venturing out into the world, they are instead losing their ability to walk, eat and see. Any hope of independence is stripped away because no effective treatments or cure exist.

Frederik and his family set out to change this with the creation of The POLG Foundation, which aims to seek a visionary and innovative approach to treating and curing the complex PolG Mitochondrial Disease.

The Foundation’s investment in mitochondrial research was further encouraged by recognizing that greater knowledge of PolG may open the door to improved treatments for a variety of related diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, cardiac issues, depression and some cancers.

Although The POLG Foundation is still in its infancy, already it has attracted broad support within the global scientific and medical communities, and luminaries from various fields have offered their time and expertise as members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Scientific Advisory Board and friends.


Julie and Frederik de Luxembourg Frederik de Luxembourg and the Mito Logo

About the MITO clothing line and Creative Director, Frederik de Nassau

In May of 2021, Frederik began his work as the Creative Director for The POLG Foundation. He designed the website, logo and overall look, and with the help of his sister and brother, he manages the social media platform. He has created a clothing line called MITO, with the aim of raising awareness about Mitochondrial Disease and funds for the Foundation’s efforts. These exciting creative endeavours and the work of The POLG Foundation have given Frederik a new lease on life and a renewed sense of hope. Frederik’s overwhelming desire is ultimately to help others like him, who are also facing these significant challenges whilst living with “MITO.”

As the Creative Director, Frederik oversees all things visual: color palette, font, and design. The fashion line was born from this artistic process, and has turned into the face of the Foundation. All proceeds from the clothing line will go towards The POLG Foundation, and will directly impact the research being done to find a cure for PolG Mitochondrial Disease.

The MITO line is designed for those who value color, playfulness, and positivity. The graphics and colors created for MITO are inspired by the mitochondria cell and the research that is being done for PolG Mitochondrial Disease. MITO was designed as a hopeful, humorous and energetic visual representation of Frederik’s experience living with the disease.

Frederik and friends