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Welcome to MITO


The MITO clothing line, designed by Frederik de Nassau, Creative Director of The POLG Foundation, is a visual representation of how Frederik views the world. All proceeds go towards The POLG Foundation’s research and its goal of finding a cure for Mitochondrial Disease.

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Frederik deals with the daily challenges of his mitochondrial disease by staying positive and loving a good joke. His overwhelming desire is to help others like him, who face these significant challenges, to remain positive and happy.

And so, the Happy MITO line was born to further spread awareness through eye-catching designs, light-hearted humour and even a touch of sarcasm.

Spot the Mitochondria on each T-Shirt!


Meet the Designer

Meet the designer of MITO, Frederik. At 20, he’s an international photographer, Hollywood script advisor, DC Comics and Star Wars geek, sushi aficionado and the Creative Director of The POLG Foundation. Humor, hip hop and hope stoke his stamina in dealing with his energy sucking, degenerative disease. Wear his fashion for its spirited style and know you are proudly standing up for the brave MITO warriors.

"I don't think this disease defines me. I stay happy. I stay moving. I just do me."